Casa Marina Hotel Wedding in Jacksonville Beach | Allison and Jed | The Canovas Photography

We loved Allison and Jed’s Vintage beach DIY wedding at the Casa Marina Hotel. Teal, seashells and starfish on a really rainy day. And Allison looked like a movie star. My best friend Pegi is the grooms step-mom – her family was all there and are dear friends which was so fun for us. Congratulations Allison and Jed! Thank you for including us on that wonderful day xo

I asked Allison to share some thoughts of her wedding day:

Describe your wedding day style in one sentence: Our wedding day was relaxed, vintage beach with a little bit if liquid sunshine on the side!
Wedding day color scheme: Ombré teals and tan.
Describe your wedding planning process: My entire wedding was DIY! From all decor to flowers to the music. All of it was done by Jed and I, with the help of our family!
What advice would you give to future brides for their wedding day? Things will go wrong, people will show up late and see you before walking down the aisle! Take a deep breath and let it go! Enjoy every single moment, mistakes and all because it goes by so fast!
Anything you would have done differently? Been a little more prepared for the rain! I didn’t have a plan B and wish I would have!
Most memorable moment during the planning process: Spending an entire weekend with my mom and nana making all of the centerpieces, bouquets and wrapping up decoration ideas. We call it our “wedding weekend” (In February!)
What are you most looking forward to as a married couple? Having our best friend by our side for life! Also, Starting our life together and hopefully starting our own family one day!
Which moment are you the most excited to see in photos? The first look and the wedding party with umbrellas!
What was your wedding inspiration? We love the beach, so having our wedding at a historical beachside hotel was perfect for us. We wanted our wedding to be relaxed, tropical and a memorable day for everyone!
Describe some of your favorite wedding details and how you came up with them. I love starfish! (Even have a tattoo of one!) my favorite details were the hundreds of starfish placed all around the reception! Another detail Jed and I worked hard on was our picture frame of our family and friends who have passed and were unable to come to the wedding. Having their pictures there reminded us of everyone who was watching from heaven!

Venue and Catering: Casa Marina Restaurant
DJ: McGee Entertainment
Flowers: DIY!
Cake –  Dion (friend of a friend)
Desert Bar: Bride, Brides Mother and Aunt Julie
Wedding Dress: Bridals and more
Shoes: Dillard’s
Bridesmaid dresses: Bridal Shop at The Avenues
Menswear –  Men’s Wearhouse
Hair: Katy Eason from RLindo Salon
Makeup: Sister of the Bride and Alexa Schmidt

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