DeLand Downtown Engagement Shoot | The Canovas Photography

We had so much fun with Heather and Dale, running around historic downtown DeLand for their engagement shoot. We can’t wait for their Bridle Oaks Deland Wedding! I asked them both to tell me what they love most about each other:

From Heather: Dale and I met at Northland while both serving in the same ministry about 3 1/2 years ago. The thing I love about Dale the most is his courageousness to be bold. When he asked me to marry him, he planned to have many of our friends and family present, like a surprise party. It is totally outside of his comfort zone and it was perfect – especially because I had NO idea!! On our wedding day we are both looking forward to celebrating with friends and family who will walk along side of us in our marriage. Our faith and trust in God brought us together and will keep us together! 

From Dale: One thing I love about Heather is how tender hearted she is. When she’s been moved deeply she’s willing to be vulnerable within the moment to outwardly express how she’s feeling. She also LOVES the smell of books, how nerdy and awesome is that!

If you are interested in having a DeLand Downtown Engagement Shoot done, please contact us today!

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