Disney Proposal at The Grand Floridian | Allyson and Brett | She Said Yes!

Allyson and Brett met in high school nearly 7 years ago. After knowing each other for about a year, they started dating. They have been inseparable ever since. Brett is a recent graduate from the accounting school at the University of Missouri and Allyson is a marketing major currently finishing her last semester, also at the University of Missouri. Brett loves Allyson’s sense of humor, her gorgeous eyes, and the fact that she has put up with him for six years. Allyson loves so many things about Brett – he has a huge heart, he’s caring, and he is extremely goofy.

Courtney and I were so happy when Brett called us to photograph his proposal to Allyson! See his words about it below:

Proposal: I wanted to make a proposal a surprise. But since we have been dating for nearly 6 years, I knew if I planned a trip for just the two of us, she would catch on quickly. When her parent’s told us they were planning a trip to Disney World, I knew it would be the perfect way to catch Allyson off guard. A few people that we knew were also going to be in Disney World the same time as us. I had them text Allyson and tell her that they had a dinner reservation at the Grand Floridian, but were unable to make it. They then offered the reservation to Allyson and I in order to save them from a cancellation fee. When we arrived at the Grand Floridian, we were met in the lobby by a butler carrying a rose. He handed it to Allyson and led us to the fourth floor of the resort. There was a table for two set up in front of a large glass, floor to ceiling window. We had a view of the beautiful resort, lake, Cinderella’s castle, and the EPCOT ball. As we ate our appetizers and first and main courses, we watched the EPCOT Illuminations fireworks and the electrical water pageant. For dessert, we moved to the third floor balcony. When we got to the balcony, there was a table set up. We watched the Hollywood Studios fireworks and ate our desserts. As the third and final round of fireworks was getting ready to start, Canovas Photography showed up and told us that they were part of the Disney package. I was hoping Allyson wasn’t catching on, but at this point, I’m sure she was. We stood up and leaned on the railing of the balcony to watch the fireworks. A minute before the fireworks began, I pulled out my phone and a pair of headphones. I made a video of photos and video clips from our last 6 years together. The video was set to the song Then by Brad Paisley. If she had any doubt about what was happening, it was all gone now. She started crying and the firework show started. When the video ended, I pulled out the ring and proposed.

She said yes ?

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