Dubsdread Orlando Wedding Portraits | Danielle and David

We loved Danielle and David’s beautiful coral and metallic Dubsdread Wedding! With amazing florals and lots of sorority sisters, this was one of our favorites. (See their engagement shoot here.) We started at the Grand Bohemian, photographed  through downtown Orlando and to the Dubsdread golf course.  Thank you Danielle and David! Here is to you new life together ❤️

Vendors info:
Catering – Dubsdread Catering
DJ – Junction 88 Productions
Coordinator – Christine Nguyen of Dubsdread
Flowers – Dream Designs Florist & Wedding Boutique
Cake – It’s Tasty Too!
Wedding Dress – Maggie Sottero (designer) from Formal Spot (store)
Shoes – Nina
Bridesmaid dresses – Donna Morgan, WToo, Bill Levkoff
Menswear – BLACK by Vera Wang (designer) from Men’s Warehouse (store)
Hair and Make up – Ever After Hair and Makeup
Hotel – The Grand Bohemian
Limo – Ferro Limousine
Officiant – Valerie Tucker
Chair Rental – Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals
Photobooth – Mojobooth Orlando

From Danielle:
Describe your wedding day style in one sentence: Our wedding style evoked the festiveness and colorful hues of springtime in Florida.
Wedding day color scheme: Coral (3 shades) and metallics (gold and copper)
Describe your wedding planning process: We used a bunch of different wedding planning tools – The Knot, Wedding Wire, several books, timelines, Pinterest boards. The biggest help was a 3-ring binder created by The Knot that had sections for each of the big wedding components – ceremony, food, attires, music, etc. We bought it at Barnes & Noble. Inside was a super detailed timeline of what to accomplish each month, questions to ask all of your vendors, note pages to stay organized, inspiration photos, and more. It helped us stay on track and make sure we didn’t forget something along the way. We also relied a lot on our moms, who are both in Central Florida. We set up phone calls with all of our vendors and then Danielle’s mom would meet them in person too. This was a huge help since it was hard to do certain things being all the way down here in Miami.
What advice would you give to future brides for their wedding day? 1. Make sure you take a moment (or more if you’re lucky enough!) to really soak it all in. The entire day is going to pass in a flash. It’s going to be an exciting, overwhelming and hectic whirlwind of activity and there won’t be any slowing down once it starts. 2. This is coming from a self-proclaimed procrastinator, don’t procrastinate! If you’re using a wedding planning timeline, like a monthly checklist from The Knot, stick to it. You may think you have 2 weeks to ponder every invitation style known to man, but you don’t. Something else on the list is going to side swipe you and you’ll run out of time. Also, be decisive. Make sure you like what you choose of course, but also be confident with your decisions and move on to the next one. 3. And most important, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, bring every single umbrella you own….and maybe even purchase a new one for good measure. That will ensure it doesn’t rain! 😉
Anything you would have done differently? Danielle – I would have asked for more help from the bridesmaids. I really could have used someone to play time keeper and make sure we stayed on schedule. Another good duty would have been to have someone be “the eyes” over everything. So when Kelsey’s dress ripped, they would have been responsible for getting that fixed, not my mom. David – Him and the groomsmen were drinking whiskey and relaxing before the ceremony. Nothing went wrong for them. 😉
Most memorable moment during the planning process: This happened really early in the planning process, but booking our venue was the biggest milestone. From that point forward, everything we thought about related back to Dubsdread. We were always thinking about the atmosphere, the scenery, and the feel of the space. It allowed us to have a point of reference for the rest of the planning process.
What are you most looking forward to as a married couple? We’ve been together for over 7 years, so we’ve had a lot of fun adventures together. What we’re most looking forward to in married life are all of our continued adventures, but now they’ll be “firsts.” First official date as husband and wife, first move, first home, first pet. We’ve made it a point to continue to “court” each other, and all of these fun adventures are part of that!
Which moment are you the most excited to see in photos? The moment we first saw each other at the ceremony.
What was your wedding inspiration? The color inspiration came from the beautiful outdoor setting at Dubsdread and the colors of springtime. We wanted something fun and colorful that would compliment the green of the trees and golf course. We decided to use metallics to compliment the wood throughout Dubsdread’s. The sparkle added the right touch of color against the dark browns. We wanted our wedding to be a celebratory time that our friends and family would always remember and associate with us as a couple. Our wedding was classy and put together, but not stuffy or too formal. We really focused on the flowers and music to set the mood of the wedding.
Describe some of your favorite wedding details and how you came up with them. 1. Our DIY projects – the cake topper, MR & MRS letters on the sweetheart table, the wine box used during the ceremony, the table numbers. We used Pinterest to find inspiration and then had a few crafting days the week leading up to the wedding. Surprisingly, the crafting was a good bonding experience for us. 2. The varying shades of coral for the bridesmaid dresses. We loved the burst of color the shades of coral brought to the outdoor ceremony. We came up with this idea while trying to decide on wedding colors. 3. The BEAUTIFUL flowers. The flowers matched the bridesmaid dresses perfectly. Each shade of coral was represented in a single garden rose. Our florist was just awesome. We trusted her completely and let her make a lot of suggestions. 4. Our handwritten vows. We didn’t love the script our officiant sent us, so we decided to customize it to us. Along the way, we decided to write our own vows. Instead of keeping them a secret and writing them separately, we wrote them together.

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