Orlando Lake Eola Engagement Photography | Natalie and Kevin

Lake Eola in downtown Orlando was the perfect spot for Natalie and Kevin’s engagement session. They brought their white boxer, Cheyenne, who added to the fun, even sporting their Save the Date sign! We had so much fun walking around the lake and seeing how silly and sweet Natalie and Kevin were together. Can’t wait for their wedding this fall at the Brevard Zoo!  For more information on Orlando Lake Eola Engagement Photography or other services offered by The Canovas, contact us today!

How they met, in Natalie’s words:
So, our story… In April 2014, we began talking through a dating website, we had a date set, but an hour prior, Kevin bailed. I told him I was disappointed but wished him luck. About 2 months later, after going through my phone, deleting messages, I saw our conversation and decided to see how he was doing. But prior to this point, I deleted his name! After talking for a week or so, we planned to meet, but via text I told him I deleted his name, he made me guess and luckily I remembered. Our first date was on June 20th, 2014 in Cocoa Beach at our (now) favorite restaurant, Florida’s Fresh Grill. The following week, he came over on Friday and we went on our second date, shortly after pulling off of my street, he began to play the song “Thinking out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. As I listened to the words, I looked up at him and thought to myself ‘I’m going to marry this man.’ Little did I know, he was thinking the same thing. The only hurdle in our way at that point was the fact that Kevin said he never wanted to get married, then changed that slightly to at least not for a while. After a few weeks of hanging out, talking to friends about what to do (on both sides,) we decided to keep seeing each other and see how it went. About a month later he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. For his Birthday (September 20th) we flew to Ohio so I could meet his family. By the time we went back to visit at the end of November, through a long 17 hour drive up, with our dog Cheyenne, his mom had some jewelry catalogs on the coffee table for me to look through. We figured if we could survive that trip with no problems, we could handle the rest of our lives. So a month later, we began looking at rings. In January we even booked a venue, and on February 10th, he sent me a text asking to come over that night and go to our favorite restaurant. I didn’t think anything of it because he randomly came over during the week for a night. When he came into my room, he walked into the closet, where he puts his backpack, took Cheyenne in with him, and when he walked out, Cheyenne had a sign around her neck, he had our song playing on his phone, and he got down on one knee! I started to tear up, but Chy wasn’t cooperating, I couldn’t actually read the sign, but he did ask, and I did say YES!

engagement shoot with dog23_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos22_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos24_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos21_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos20_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos17_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos19_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos18_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos16_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos15_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos14_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos2_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos13_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos12_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos11_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos10_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos9_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos8_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos7_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos5_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos4_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos3_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos25_Downtown_Orlando_Lake_Eola_engagement_the_Canovas_photos

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