Port Orange Wedding | Chelsea and Joe | Under the Tree

Chelsea and Joe have been planning their beautiful wedding for a long time – they booked us early and set off to find the perfect tree to get married under. We talked a lot about trees and ended up the theme of their engagement photo shoot as well! (see it here) The tree they got married under at The Estate on the Halifax  was covered in gorgeous flowers. A navy and silver wedding with sequined dresses and a “crazy hour” of dancing with glow sticks and masks made this winter wedding so fun to photograph! Thank you Chelsea and Joe ?

Catering: Aunt Catfish’s Catering
DJ: DJ Man Joe
Coordinator: White Blossom Weddings and Events
Flowers: Rachael Kasie Designs
Cake: family
Wedding Dress: Enzoani from Everly Grace Bridal
Make Up: Shelly Seymour Hair and Make Up
Hair: Sabrina Langston
Shoes: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: Etsy
Menswear: Men’s Wearhouse

From Chelsea:
Describe your wedding day style in one sentence: a sequin winter wonderland
Wedding day color scheme: navy and silver
Describe your wedding planning process: We planned our wedding for over a year and divided the tasks so that we wouldn’t feel overwhelmed in the end. I kept myself organized with many lists 🙂
What advice would you give to future brides for their wedding day? Eat and make sure that you find a way to relax before walking down the aisle. And remember that if something goes wrong, it’s still your perfect day and there’s absolutely nothing that can ruin that. And my biggest was to remember I couldn’t control the weather!
Anything you would have done differently? No. The day was perfect in our minds
Most memorable moment during the planning process: There were many great moments but finding my wedding dress was the best day ever. And finding our perfect venue under the tree I’ve always dreamed of.
What are you most looking forward to as a married couple? We are looking forward to doing some traveling, growing together as a married couple, and expanding our family when the time is right.
Which moment are you the most excited to see in photos? First look pictures!
What was your wedding inspiration? We were looking for a winter wedding due to colder temperatures in Florida. I’ve always wanted to get married outside and I love the romantic and simple atmosphere of giant oak trees. When I found the tree we ended up getting married under it was fate. Our bridesmaids wore a silver sequin dress that I had envisioned in my head for months and finally found, and we wanted to incorporate lots of sequin/glitter to give the romantic winter feel we wanted.
Describe some of your favorite wedding details and how you came up with them. Our bridesmaid dresses were definitely a favorite and thankfully my vision was finally found on Etsy. We had a crazy hour that is part of my husband’s culture and our guests are still talking about the fun they had. I also really loved the sand ceremony we did and came up with idea of getting the custom navy and silver and I think that was a nice touch for the ceremony.

port orange weddingintercostal river port orange003_Port_Orange_Wedding_The_Canovas_Photo004_Port_Orange_Wedding_The_Canovas_Photo005_Port_Orange_Wedding_The_Canovas_Photo006_Port_Orange_Wedding_The_Canovas_Photo007_Port_Orange_Wedding_The_Canovas_Photo008_Port_Orange_Wedding_The_Canovas_Photo009_Port_Orange_Wedding_The_Canovas_Photo
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  • February 26, 2016 - 4:04 am

    Christine Carter - So much gratitude to all who made every dream come true for Joe and Chrlsea’s day. We have been so blessed.

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