Sanford Courthouse Wedding | Lauren, Oliver and baby Stetson

Whoever said courthouse weddings were not pretty or romantic, has not seen Lauren and Oliver’s beautiful day. I was so happy to be included in it! Such an amazing family with a sweet story. Their baby Stetson has been diagnosed with Sagittal craniosynostosis, which means he never really had a “soft spot” on the top of his head and the top part of his skull fused together too quickly. 3 days after their perfect little boy turns 1 he will undergo surgery to correct this problem (send prayers!) I asked Lauren to talk a little bit about their wedding plans…

Things about the three of us and our wedding. Where to begin!!!! Lol. For starters we planned 3 different weddings lol. A huge wedding in Jacksonville with 300 people for April 16, 2016 and then cancelled that because we decided we didn’t want a big wedding. We then planned a wedding for April 8 2016 in Savannah Ga with just our immediate family and were going to make it a fun family getaway with everyone but after Stetsons diagnosis we then had to cancel that wedding to throw together a new small court house wedding in a week! I will say it was better then I could have ever imagined. We wouldn’t have wanted our day any other way. My dress was from a boutique in Debra’s bridal in Jacksonville. My shoes were Christian Louboutins. The day of the wedding all of the jewelry I wore had some meaning to it. My earrings my in laws gave me that morning. My necklace had been worn by my 5 generations on their wedding days. My bracelet Oliver had bought me as a wedding present and it also matched the bracelet I bought as a present that day for my mother in law and mom. We have learned that you can’t always plan things but, in the end the spontaneous unplanned things turn out better. We adore our son and wouldn’t have our life any other way.

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