Wedding at the Brevard Zoo | Natalie and Kevin

Natalie and Kevin’s wedding was beautiful and all about travel, with post cards, a globe guest “book” and an amazing world map seating chart. It was also about their beloved boxer Cheyenne, who walked down the aisle and stood with them, just like everyone else. There was a lot (a lot) of rain that day, but it did not hinder Natalie and Kevin’s attitude, fun or love for each other. Make sure you read their take below, especially Kevin’s last line advice for grooms-to-be. Thank you Natalie and Kevin for taking us “traveling” with you! xo.

Thank you to these wonderful wedding pros:
Catering The Green Turtle Market
DJ  DJ Keith Kreiner (DJ Shane Entertainment)
Coordinator Rachel Nave, Nave Event Design
Flowers Nave Event Design
Cake Stephanie Enriquez, cake Krush
Grooms Cake Catie Rossetti
Wedding Dress Brides by Demetrios
Shoes Christian Louboutin
Bridesmaid dresses Allure from LA Bridal
Menswear Men’s Wearhouse
Video Sky Advertising Mick and Jackie Barker
Draping Kim Armour KL Weddings & Events
Makeup Stacey Wick Kristy’s Makeup Artistry
Popcorn Popped Perfections
Officiant Lara Baker
Photo booth backdrop and props Crystal and Crates
Furniture Up the Creek
Get-away Car 1949 Chrysler New Yorker – Bill Hull

From Natalie:
Describe your wedding day style in one sentence
We wanted a romantic feel, to show our silly/whimsical side and our love of travel.
Wedding day color scheme: Navy/silver/blush
Describe your wedding planning process: Staying organized. I wanted to get as much done as quickly as possible so that I didn’t wait until the last minute for anything. All diy projects projects were done 4 months prior to the wedding.
What advice would you give to future brides for their wedding day? Stay as organized and under budget as possible. Try on a bunch of dresses, you never know what will look best!
Anything you would have done differently? Have a rain plan for pictures and transportation. Wish I would’ve had more communication with others day of. They say don’t worry the bride, which was great all day then when I got to the reception I freaked out. That was a horrible feeling for everyone! From Kevin: Prayed to rain gods more to get it to stop raining.
Most memorable moment during the planning process: Walking into the venue, looking at my man and knowing right then that it was our location.
What are you most looking forward to as a married couple? Traveling the world From Kevin: I’m Looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my best friend, sharing great adventures with her, and loving her like crazy, of course.
Which moment are you the most excited to see in photos? Standing as a married couple… With our dog 🙂 From Kevin: Oh, man, so many. My groomsmen and I waiting around beforehand, Natalie walking down the aisle, the kiss, walking down the aisle, any photos with our dog Cheyenne, family photos, our dance, and all the fun candid moments which were captured.
What was your wedding inspiration?  Romantic travel without being too serious. We are a silly couple, hence the “UP” references, his Batman stuff, etc. and we really like to travel but it’s a wedding, of course I want everyone to feel the love <3 From Kevin: Our theme was based on the Pixar/Disney movie Up! and traveling. We had post cards for people to write their marriage and travel advice to us and a mailbox with our handprints on it to place them inside, a globe to sign instead of a guest book, a suitcase for cards, and Our Adventure Book like in the movie full of photos from our travels and experiences. Also, instead of table numbers, we used postcards of destinations and had a world map to show the seating chart.
Describe some of your favorite wedding details and how you came up with them: Kevin’s mom is very crafty, she did the LOVE letters, my hangers for the girls, our save the date stone, and misc other times. Colin Cowie is an event genius, my coordinator/florist found the candelabras that I fell in love with immediately. Pinterest is and evil necessity for so many ideas. I wanted to create my own feel but get basic ideas, I’m just so busy with work that I needed something to go off of, so it helped in that way. The popcorn stand was a nice end of the night treat that I wanted to have. *Side note for all the future grooms out there from Kevin: seeing your bride in her dress for the first time as she’s walking down the aisle is truly a great moment. I wish I could see Natalie in her dress for the first time all over again. She was absolutely beautiful and it’s a moment I will always treasure from that day.
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