Historic Downtown Deland Engagement Photography | Lacey and Mike

Despite the chilly and windy Fall day, we loved walking through historic DeLand for Lacey and Mike’s engagement session. It was a perfect backdrop for this sweet couple which included Courtney’s murals and the place where we got married, Cafe Davinci’s. Lacey and Mike were so sweet together and so quick to laugh. We even got to snap a few of their adorable son Zane. We can’t wait for their wedding! I asked them to tell us their story:

How we met:
Lacey – it was a normal night out with my best friend Rachele. We were at a local restaurant to see a local band. I saw this handsome gentleman from across the room and thought WOW!! A little after that I was told who he was and realized why he looked so familiar.  On my way out of the restaurant, Mike stopped me and asked to take a picture with me. I of course was hesitant but gave in because of his amazing smile and persistent personality!  After that, we went on our first date 4 days later and have been together ever since.  I knew on that first date that this was the man for me. God sent me this man for a reason and I am thankful everyday that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.
Mike – Like Lacey said, it was a normal night out at Pitmasters. You know that feeling when someone is staring at you (AKA) stalking you, yea that was a feeling I got that night. So what is a man supposed to do, well have your stalker take a picture with you. I grabbed her arm and said take a picture with me, and she looked at me like I was the stalking type. Well like she was going to deny a handsome guy a picture HAHAHAHA. I’ve come to realize that Lacey is an amazing woman and a best friend everybody should have, that’s what I have found in her. My life has been turned around so much since the good lord has put me with Lacey, I love like I have never loved before. Its a beautiful thing that two wonderful souls have found each other in this life. We now have a beautiful little boy Zane who made our lives complete. Thank you to the man upstairs for everything.

What we love about each other:
Lacey – I love Mike’s Laugh, his strength, his arms, his passion for his family, his smile. I love that he can be a goofball but also serious. I love that he protects his family. I love that he can make me laugh. I love that he makes me feel like I am the only person in the room. I love that he loves me for me. I love that he has made me a mother.
Mike – Lacey brings the best out in me, she keeps me grounded, she lets me be me, she is the best mother in the world to our son, last but not least her smile and her love towards me.

What we are looking forward most for our wedding:
Lacey – I am looking forward to walking down the aisle to meet the man of my dreams, to sharing the traditional vows and our own handwritten vows. To starting our life together as one
Mike – watching my soon to be wife walk towards me down the aisle.  Listening to Lacey’s vows that she has written for me knowing that I have brought true joy to her life

​What are you looking forward to the most for your life together:
Lacey – I am looking forward to raising our son Zane and growing old together. To learning more about each other every day and experiencing new adventures. To being there for one another through thick and thin and loving one another no matter what.
Mike – I love new adventures, knowing this is truly the best I will ever take.  Waking up next to a beautiful woman everyday for the rest of my life.  Watching our son Zane grow everyday into a man knowing that he will watch Mommy and Daddy love each other like there is no tomorrow.  Teaching each other and Zane Love, Compassion, compromise everyday for the rest of our lives.

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