A Disney Proposal at the Contemporary Resort | Gordon and Kristen

​Gordon, a physician, called me from Pittsburg to talk about his proposal to beautiful Kristen, an accountant who lives in Toronto. He was so sweet, so nervous, wanted his proposal to be perfect and wanted us there to capture it. Gordon had quite the set up for his proposal to Kristen – Mickey balloons, rose petals and a beautiful engagement ring – looking over Disney World from Disney’s Contemporary Resort balcony. He even had rented a Ring Cam!  It captured the whole proposal from Gordon’s point of view. We had so much fun with them and CAN NOT wait for their summer wedding in Toronto!

I asked Kristen how they met and how they got to Disney for their proposal: Gordon and I met through mutual friends, his cousin (Emily) and my best friend (Azalea) worked together and he arranged an outing with all his cousins and Emily invited Azalea who invited me and the rest was history! Gordon chose Disney World to propose because we are both huge Disney fans and our goal is to visit all the Disney resorts in the world. Disney World is the best one so he chose Orlando for the proposal. I initially thought I was going to a free family vacation paid by my mom’s company with my parents to Orlando so I was REALLY surprised when I walked into the room. From what I heard from Gordon he had been planning this Disney proposal for a very long time, endless consultations with his best friend, my best friend and our parents to pull it off.

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Disney Proposal Photography provided bt The Canovas Photography.

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